How to Install and Maintain Rubber Gym Flooring in Your Home

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Transforming a corner of your home into a fitness gym enhances its aesthetic and adds value to your living space. An essential element of this transformation is choosing the right flooring to support your workout needs. Flooring in a home gym serves more than just an aesthetic purpose; it’s a key component in the effectiveness and safety of your home exercise regimen. To help you, we have created this guide on installing and maintaining rubber gym flooring in your home gym.

Guidelines for Installing Rubber Gym Flooring

Prepare the Installation Area

Begin by accurately measuring the space designated for your rubber gym flooring to ensure you purchase the correct amount of material. The foundation should be flat, clean, and free from any impediments. We advise conducting a thorough clean-up involving sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. A concrete base is ideal, though you can install it over carpet, wood, or tiles. 

However, be mindful of uneven surfaces that may present trip hazards. Additionally, inspect the area for any inward-opening doors that may interfere with the flooring. It might be necessary to trim the door to ensure it doesn’t drag on the mat.

Acclimatise the Flooring Material

Due to potential minor fluctuations in size caused by changes in temperature or humidity, it’s advisable to let the rubber floor mats adjust to the room conditions for about 72 hours before installation.

Position the Flooring

Select a layout pattern that suits your space and aesthetic preferences, considering how to utilise the material and minimise waste efficiently. For expansive areas exceeding 20 square meters, a staggered (brick style) layout is suggested to accommodate slight size variations over time and prevent tiles from shifting. Alternatively, a checkerboard pattern with alternating colours can visually enhance the room. The choice of layout is ultimately up to personal taste.

Trim the Flooring as Needed

To tailor the gym flooring to your space, employ a utility knife alongside a straightedge to ensure precise cuts are clean.

Secure the Flooring

Adhering the flooring with glue is optional. Double-sided tape may be a better solution for temporary setups or rental properties to prevent the rubber floor mats from moving. If opting for adhesive, do it in a well-ventilated area and carefully follow the manufacturer’s guidance. Apply a thin adhesive layer with a trowel, then firmly place the tiles. Start with whole tiles, leaving custom-cut pieces for the final touches. Given rubber flooring’s tendency to contract over time, aim for a snug fit to simplify future adjustments.

Let the Flooring Settle

After applying adhesive, if used, allow sufficient time for the flooring to bond securely to the base, following the timeframe recommended by the adhesive manufacturer.

Maintaining Your Rubber Gym Mats

Now that your rubber floor mats are perfectly laid out, your fitness area looks inviting! However, the journey to maintaining this pristine condition is ongoing. Despite their durability and low-maintenance nature, rubber gym mats require attention to ensure they stay in top shape for the longest time. They tend to attract dirt, so here’s how to keep them clean and well-maintained!

Routine Cleaning

It’s crucial to regularly clean rubber floors to remove dust, dirt, and debris. A quick sweep and vacuum can do wonders. A lightly damped mop or cloth works best for spills, stains, or accumulated grime. Remember, it’s important not to drench your mats; a well-dried mop will do the job effectively.

Choose Gentle Cleaning Solutions

Harsh chemicals and cleaning agents should be avoided as they harm rubber mats. Opt for a gentle detergent mixed with water for cleaning. Select pH-neutral cleaners to ensure your mats are clean and maintain their integrity over time.


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